$17.00 AUD | PDF eBook


If you're a business owner struggling with self-sabotaging behaviours (and that's all of us!) but you know you're capable of more then this eBook is for you.

The book will help understand why you experience mindset blocks, and how it causes your self-sabotaging behaviours. (Hint: The answer lies with your limiting beliefs!)

With this knowledge you have the power to make change - with ease!

You won't have to rely on productivity tools or sheer willpower. By using the simple block-releasing exercises you'll shed the resistance, and it'll become so much easier to do 'the thing'. 

The knowledge + exercise helps with so many mindset blocks, including the following:

  • Fear of success, failure and judgement
  • Putting yourself out there on social media
  • Responding to client job leads
  • Reaching big financial goals
  • Setting boundaries and limits on client demands

It will help you understand why you have mindset blocks, and provide practical exercises that will help you overcome the limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back. You'll be able to achieve more goals in your business, and become more comfortable stepping outside your comfort zone.

Features of the eBook

  • 24-page packed full of practical insight into your mindset
  • Visual diagrams to help you absorb information
  • 2x simple and powerful practical exercises to shed your blockers
  • Versatile PDF format so you can print, or read on any device