Strategy Session: Create Your Marketing Strategy

In this package we'll work together to develop your marketing strategy, from identifying your ideal client and exploring the purpose of your marketing channels, through to mapping out your client journey.

You'll receive a working marketing strategy document that will guide your marketing decisions throughout your business. 

This session will provide clarity around how you'll attract the right kind of clients, for the right services.


Your marketing strategy package includes the following:

  • 60-min strategy session
  • Details of your marketing strategy provide in a Word document
  • 1-week of email support

What to expect:

When you purchase your strategy session it will prompt you for your details and the payment page. Once completed you'll be shown a service agreement that you can digitally sign.

You'll receive an email of your invoice, plus an additional email with the details of how to schedule a time and date that suits you for our session. The confirmation email will include Zoom login details.

During our session we'll spend the hour working through your marketing strategy, and address any challenges or questions that arise during the session.

Following the session I'll send you any documents and notes we work on during the session. You'll have access to a week of email support, which allows you to clarify anything that we talked about during the session.

Session - Marketing Strategy