Workshop - Optimising Your Instagram Profile

Ready to revitalise your Instagram profile?

If you're the owner of a service-based business, and use Instagram to market your services, this class will help you create a profile that is optimised for:

  • Creating and maintaining connections with potential clients
  • Attracting more relevant followers
  • Increasing brand awareness (building your brand)
  • Giving you a better chance of being found in Instagram searches, and
  • Providing a better user experience for your followers 

By the end of this class you'll have more confidence that your Instagram profile is designed to do the job it was setup for; gaining new clients, and promoting your brand.

About the Workshop:

This workshop will give you a comprehensive and practical walkthrough of the elements of a good Instagram business profile, complete with best-practice, and real-life examples of good business profiles.

What is covered:

This class covers all aspects of your Instagram profile including:

  • Display name and username
  • Instagram Bio
  • Profile optimization
  • Profile image
  • Story Highlights
  • Instagram Feed and Grid

Who this class is ideal for:

This class was created for people who own a service-based business, and manage their own Instagram business accounts.

It's also suitable for Social Media Managers and Virtual Assistants who are looking to upskill in optimising their client's accounts.

It is suitable for beginner to advanced Instagram users.

Who this class is not ideal for:

This class was created with service-based businesses in mind, and while the information in this class is transferrable to product-based, multi-level marketing business, or influencers, it's not specifically aimed at those audiences. There are some differences in how to optimise your profile as a product-based business which are not covered in this class.

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