Business Coaching (3-Month Package)

Long-term business coaching will help you detangle and prioritise your ideas, implement your strategies, and achieve your goals while working through the fears and self-doubts that are holding you back from building the business you dream of.

Would you love to transform your business into one that attracts clients you love working with? One that lets you offer only the services that bring you joy? How about earning more money but not working your butt off for it?

Sounds pretty nice, hey? 

That's the kind of result I plan on helping you get through long-term coaching. My clients do really well with my one-off strategy sessions, but when you want to really transform your business into one you only ever dreamt about, it takes time and accountability.

That's why 3 or 6 month coaching are so transformational - because I'm right there helping you through the hurdles and the celebrations that happen when you're making changes in your business. 

In our time together I'll work with you to get clear on your vision for your business, and help you implement the strategies that will get you from where you are now, to where you really want to be. We're going to create a plan of action and set goals that will motivate you (but not overwhelm you).

What to expect

Each coaching session runs for 1.5 hours and is held virtually in Zoom (video conferencing app). 

When you book your coaching package using the link below, you'll choose between a one off payment, or the instalment option (payment plan). After purchasing your session, you'll receive a nice little welcome email from me and a coaching guide. This email also provides the link for you to book your very first session, yay!

Woman sitting at a desk smiling at the camera with text that reads business coaching
Pricing options