Refine Your Niche

Are you ready to niche, but feel a bit of paralysis with understanding how to actually niche your own business?

Are you frustrated by the conflicting information available on this marketing strategy?

In this practical workshop I’m going to guide you through my process of defining what your ideal business niche looks like, while helping you gain a better understanding of what niching is along the way.

What is covered

  • What a niche is (and isn't!)
  • Examples of niched VA industry businesses
  • The ingredients of your niche
  • Practical steps showing you how to define your niche

Is it for you?

This workshop is ideal for:

  • VA industry professionals (including VAs, PAs, Social Media Managers, Online Business Managers
  • B2B Services such as Graphic Designers, Bookkeepers, Copywriters and Web Designers

Especially if you're:

  • Ready to take steps towards defining and implementing your niche
  • Unsure how to define your niche
  • Uncertainty around going "all in" in your niche
  • Want this process to be stress-free and easy

By the end of the workshop you’ll have a better understanding of how you can define your own niche that works to your strengths, so that becoming a niched specialist business becomes an easy and natural part of your business growth.

What you'll get

When you purchase this guided workshop, you'll receive immediate access to the workshop and resources. It includes:

  1. Refine your niche (video lesson)
  2. Practical exercise (video workshop)
  3. Digital copy of Refine your niche workbook
  4. PDF copy of lesson slides

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