How would you like to use only the marketing strategies that come naturally to you? In this workshop I'm going to teach you how to identify which strategies will work in harmony with your personal strengths.
AUD 27.00
How would it feel if you had a steady stream of clients that you love? Amazing, right?
Well in this guided workshop I'm going to help you understand what you can do to consistently attract and retain more of the right kind of clients.
AUD 27.00

A workshop that guides you through the process of drafting your vision, mission and values; the top-most level of your entire business plan. 

AUD 30.00

Feel ready to niche, but not quite sure how to figure out how? This workshop walks you through practical steps to defining your ideal niche; one that works to your strengths so that niching becomes a stress-free process.

AUD 30.00
AUD 15.00

Would you like to set business goals, but you're not sure where to start?

This mini-course guides you through the process of setting your goals, creating your plan of action, as well as tips and tricks to boost your chances of achieving your goals.

AUD 35.00