Mastermind for Solopreneurs

A warm, welcoming virtual room of business buddies helping each other through the joys and challenges of growing a business from home.


Do you remember how fun it was to have a girl's night in with your best friends?

Comfy clothes, chocolate, wine and a safe space where you'll laugh until you cry, and cry until your worries drift away.

That's exactly what our mastermind sessions can be like.

We laugh. We cry. We celebrate. We vent.

We're together as equals through the ups and downs of business life.

If you crave that in your life, then come and join one of my mastermind teams.

PS. Chocolate, coffee (or wine) and comfy clothes are still totally appropriate!

What is a Mastermind?

A business mastermind is a small group of like-minded business owners who regularly meet to give each other support and advice.

In a training session or workshop, the presenter is usually a subject-matter expert leading the session and providing support. Whereas in a mastermind it's an equal-sided relationship for all members, where each person both gives and receives support.

It's like a group of business buddies mentoring each other and being each other's cheer squad.

Flourish Mastermind Flourish Mastermind

Double Espresso Mastermind is a membership for ladies in service-based business who seek the connection, support and accountability of like-minded business owners. 

AUD 85.00
Clare Doye - Virtual Executive Assistant, Direct Virtual Consulting

What's the Flourish Mastermind?

Flourish Mastermind is a group created specifically for women in Australia who run a B2B service-based business, including Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, Graphic and Web Designers, Copywriters, Coaches and Consultants.

As a member of the mastermind you'll join a group of like-minded business women and meet regularly throughout the month via Zoom.

In the mastermind sessions you take turns with the other members to have the time and space to seek advice, gain feedback, brainstorm ideas, and celebrate accomplishments. Once you've had your turn we move on to another group member.

There are sessions held each week (2 mastermind sessions and 2 social sessions per month), and you can attend as many or as few as you can fit in your schedule. At a minimum we would expect that you'd attend at least one session per month, although most members attend 2-3 per month, with some attending every week.

Pricing and Inclusions

Monthly Access


per month

Fortnightly masterminds
Fortnightly social session

Dedicated Facebook group
Member's pricing on 1:1 coaching

Month-to-month membership. Stay as long as you like. No cancellation fees.

How do I join?

If you're ready to take the next step and express your interest in joining the mastermind, get in touch with me. I'll walk you through the steps of joining, and if there's no current spots available, I'll place you on the waiting list so you're the first to hear when a spot opens up.

Are you ready to do this? Let's go!

Benefits of joining

As a member, you will immediately be welcomed into a close-knit group of the most supportive and encouraging ladies you'll ever meet. 

Then, as you start attending sessions you will:

Gain much need clarity

It sucks when you're stuck in a rut. By having a whole group of women on a similar journey to talk to, you'll get the clarity, perspective and direction you need to regain momentum.

Achieve your goals

Your mastermind group will be your source of motivation in setting your goals, and accountability you need to achieve them. Being around other driven women will inspire you to grow 

Work through challenges faster

The ladies often comment that they feel safe enough to share their challenges. This means that with each other's support, help and motivation, you'll work through your struggles much faster than dealing with them alone.

Build your network (and gain great friends)

Not only will you be around other driven business women to lift you up, but you'll develop strong bonds with them too. That equates to feeling more supported and less alone in your business life, more motivated to reach your goals, and more connected with people you trust for recommendations and referrals.

Flourish Mastermind Flourish Mastermind

Double Espresso Mastermind is a membership for ladies in service-based business who seek the connection, support and accountability of like-minded business owners. 

AUD 85.00
Caryn Rance - Graphic Designer, Firefly Graphics

Frequently asked questions

Got a question about this membership? If you can't find the answer, feel free to contact me.

What's the difference between the Mastermind and your Flourish Club membership?

My Flourish Club Membership is based around training and workshops, whereas the Mastermind is more of a group mentoring situation. If you're looking for a training-based membership, take a look here.

Can I cancel?

Yes! I want you to make the most out this membership. If you feel it isn't right for you, you can cancel any time. 

Who else is in the membership?

Our current membership team is made up of Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, Designers, Copywriters and Consultants. The membership is open to women who offer business-to-business support services.

What topics are included?

You choose the topic. Each session you get time to ask a question, seek guidance, gain feedback or anything else you need to talk about.

We'll also ask you how you're going with your goals so we can celebrate your wins, or give you the pep talk you need to get motivated *wink wink

When are the weekly calls?

I schedule the weekly calls on different days and times throughout the week so that all members will be able to attend at least a few sessions each month. The calls will be scheduled on weekdays between school/office hours.

Will I have enough time to get support?

Yes! In fact, I make it a priority to ensure every member feels heard. There's a cap on the number of members in a group to ensure that everyone gets the help and support they need, without rushing through the sessions.