4 July 2022 Update: The live round of this program has been postponed. Please join the wait-list to hear news on important info. Thank you for your understanding.

Michelle x

Feel stuck in a rut and unable to move despite everything you try?

Do you wonder if what you’re doing is actually working?

I completely understand, because I've been where you are.

Early in my VA and design business, I was working too hard, but not earning enough. Burning out but never getting anywhere. I attracted some lousy clients, for services I really didn’t enjoy. And I wasn't charging anywhere near enough.

Working in my business wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped.

But I turned it around. I started making tweaks that helped me use strategies to seamlessly attract my perfect clients for services that I loved doing. I earned more, working with amazing clients, without having to bust my butt past midnight just to get by.

I was excited to go into the office every morning!

Now I coach my beautiful clients helping them do the same. And I can help you do it too.

Imagine what it could be like if you got unstuck. To regain momentum. For you to feel motivated and energised in your business? Imagine earning more, doing the work that really lights you up, with clients who appreciate the heck out of you!

This program will help you do that. We'll spend 8-weeks refining your business, making sensible changes that make a lasting impact. 

Michelle Marks Business Coach Testimonial

Michelle has clearly poured a lot of love into this program! The structure is clear so you can focus on each aspect of your business without being overwhelmed with questions.

But most importantly her support is invaluable. There were multiple times when she would spend extra time with you and wouldn't leave until you were satisfied. In a saturated market with coaches just looking for profit, Michelle is a breath of fresh air that truly cares about your business and success.

Teagan Hjort, Vault Marketing


Modules: What we'll cover

Keen to see what you'll be working on? Here's a breakdown of the modules and outcomes.

In this module you’ll gain clarity on your bigger picture. With a combination of lessons and practical exercises, I'll help you explore the challenges you're facing, ideas for your business, and your vision for the future of your business.


You'll be clearer on where you want to take your business, allowing you to make informed decisions on your strategies and goals.

Mindset is everything when trying to grow a successful business. In this module I'll teach you why it's important to balance your mindset, and how to overcome your fears and gain more confidence.


After the lessons and practical exercises in module 2, you'll have tools to help you work on balancing your mindset, and build confidence to do things that previously held you back.

Since starting your business, your target audience may have changed. In this module we're going to refine your target audience to ensure you're attracting the clients you love. 


You'll have a crystal clear view of what type of clients you're looking to attract. Combining this work with modules 4 and 5, you'll know exactly how to draw in those ideal clients.

This module is dedicated to refinement of your services and building your confidence to remove what no longer serves you. I'll help you explore more enjoyable and profitable options, with some mindset balancing to help you overcome fears of upleveling your services.


You'll be clear on what you do and don't want to offer, know the steps to make changes, and overcome barriers that are preventing you from reaching your potential.

This module is going to help you implement marketing strategies that work in harmony with your personal strengths and values. 


You'll finish this module with a simple marketing strategy that shows you how to attract the right clients for the right services. You'll get to remove anything that doesn't serve you, so your marketing efforts give you a return.

This module will be a real eye-opener. You probably already know you're undercharging, but you either don't have the time, know-how, or courage to increase your rates. This module will give you the motivation and confidence to increase your rates so you're a more sustainable and profitable business.


You'll have a clear understanding of how much to charge your clients in order to be a profitable and sustainable business - and we'll help you overcome some fears that are holding you back from charging more. Ready for an income boost?

In this module we focus on building your support systems. This includes refining your systems, automation, and vision for team support. This will help your revitalised business become more sustainable.


You'll have a step-by-step plan for how to improve your systems and processes, as well as clearer vision for building your support team (whether you want a big or small team, or remain a sole operator).

A lot of growth happens on self-reflection, so this module is dedicated to doing just that. We'll review your progress from the program and develop ongoing steps to help you keep momentum going long after the program finishes.


Step-by-step plan of action for your continued growth and refinement.

Michelle Marks Business Coach Testimonial

I absolutely loved the Focus to Flourish program. It was amazing to be surrounded by such wonderful women in a place where we could all share our challenges as well as cheer each other on.

I am so much more confident in my vision for the future of my business and in myself. I feel empowered to take the action I need and now have a plan for growing my business to the next level.

Mel Vinen, Virtual Assistant

About Focus to Flourish

My 8-week program, Focus to Flourish, aims to help emerging and established online business owners like you, break through stagnant periods of growth in your business.

I’ll help you transform from being stuck and exhausted, to flourishing!

The program is based on my 5-step framework for revitalising your business. It helps you build clarity and confidence, and a sustainable business you’ll love - without compromising on your values, or burning you out.


Who is the program for?

Focus to Flourish program is the ultimate revitalisation program for emerging and established service-based businesswomen.

This program is ideal for you if:

  • You’re an online service-based business owner (including Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, Graphic or Web Designer, Copywriter or Bookkeeper)
  • You have been running your business for a minimum of 12 months with active clients
  • You’re dedicated to your development and business growth

(The program is designed for established business owners, so the content may not be relevant to you if you’ve been in business less than 12 months, or don’t have active clients.)


What's included in the program?

Focus to Flourish is a revitalising group program designed to help you grow without burning out or compromising on what you value most.

Here’s what’s included in your program:

  • 8x weekly virtual guided coaching sessions (live + replays)
  • 8x weekly optional drop-in sessions; get the support you need for transformation
  • Lifetime access to the Focus to Flourish toolkit of resources and training replays
  • Private Facebook group for additional support and community with other program participants.
Michelle Marks Business Coach Testimonial

One of the reasons I started my business was for more flexibility, before I knew it I was almost fully booked but hadn’t stopped to factor in the work/life balance I dreamed of.

This program gave me time, headspace, and permission to take a deep dive into my business, acknowledge what I needed to change to move forward making sure my business was ticking all my boxes.

If you’re on the fence about this course, try and picture yourself in 2-3 months-time filled with motivation and a focused plan of action to take your business to the next level, the things dreams are made of. Do it!

Clare Amos - Pen and Paper Girl - Virtual Assistant


Hi! I’m Michelle Marks, Business Coach for Online Services

I’ll be with you for the next 8-weeks inside the Focus to Flourish program. I’m a Business Growth Coach helping online service business owners to grow a fulfilling, sustainable and profitable business.

Michelle Marks Business Coach Testimonial

Taking part in Michelle's Focus to Flourish came at exactly the right time for me.

Investing in something when there's not much coming in was tough but I decided that something needed to change and I had been part of Michelle's world for a while so that helped my decision.

We've now gone through the eight weeks and wow! I feel so much lighter, my mindset is much clearer and some of the deep-seated blocks are now gone! I have my Focus Planner so I know what I'm working on and I am ready to fly on my own!

Thank you so much Michelle, you are amazing and Focus to Flourish was perfect.

Jo Draper - Designer & Trainer - Live Virtually


Have some questions?

The answers you need can probably be found below. If not, send me an email and I'll be happy to answer.

This program is an intensive design to revitalise your business quite quickly. While there is some overlap in what you'll achieve in the membership and the program, we're focusing heavily on the key areas you need to work on right now to make change. In the program there is more structure, and more points of contact with me than in the membership. 

Want to turn your business around quickly and intensively? Join the program.

Want to transform in your own time incrementally? Join the membership.

Yes! You can pay for the Focus to Flourish program in 4x fortnightly payments of $220 or pay the full amount in one go. 

There are live coaching calls each week for the 8 weeks. The coaching calls will run for approximately 1.5 hours so that we can get the work done together.

There will also be optional drop-in calls once a week as an opportunity for you to get my help and feedback if you need it.

While I’d love you to show up live, I know that life doesn’t always go as planned. So, replays will be available to catch up on during the week.

Ideally you should attend each weekly workshop or watch the replays. 1.5 hours per week is your commitment to make the most of the program. If you can contribute more to working on your business, fantastic!

This is a fast-track program, so the best transformations will occur for women who can dedicate this time to their business.

All coaching calls and drop-in sessions are held virtually via Zoom, which is a virtual conferencing app. It is free to download and use.

There’s a couple of ways you can get my help in between coaching calls. Firstly, you can pop a post in our program Facebook group and get feedback from me or the other participants. Otherwise, you can come to the weekly drop-in sessions to get guidance from me.