Reaching Your Financial Goals

Join me for this month's live workshop dedicated to helping heart-centred business owners like you reach your financial goals with integrity and compassion. 

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Financial goals can make us feel both excited and daunted at the same time. There are big possibilities... but deep down you're not sure you can actually reach your goal.

It can be stressful and deflating, and we can agonise over our lack of achievement. This is because our own minds can work against us – even though the financial goal is what we want.

With the right motivation, plan of action, and mindset techniques, you can reach your financial goals sooner and more easily.

You can reach your goal. And I'm going to help you.

Live Workshop Details

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

9:30am - 11:00am (AWST/Perth)
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$27 AUD

Held online via Zoom (link sent after ticket purchase)

Does this sound familiar?

  • You can set your goal easily - but reaching it never seems to happen.
  • You feel frustrated from constantly falling short on your goal.
  • You wish you could contribute more in your household financially.
  • You're feel embarrassed - like you should be earning more in your business by now.
  • You're not sure what more you can do to reach your financial goal.
  • You sometime wonder: "Is this as good as it gets - should I just get used low income?"

If so, this workshop is for you

Imagine feeling confident about your financial goal, and actually having a practical plan of action to help you get there. Not outrageous steps - but small tweaks you can make in your business that add up to big results. 

Here's what we'll cover:


You'll get clear on your financial goal (you can keep it confidential).


We'll discover new and realistic ideas on how you can reach your goal.


Create your own personal plan of action based on what you learn.


Learn some long-term techniques that support you in reaching your goal.

Yes, please!


"This session was so valuable! I walked away feeling confident and empowered with an action plan and new tools/techniques to use. It was also great connecting with other working women who are struggling with the same challenges I am. Thank you Michelle."

- Katrina Tite

Step 1

Purchase your ticket to the live workshop: Reaching your Financial Goals.

Step 2

Attend the workshop live or watch the recording, reinspiring you to reach your goals.

Step 3

Enjoy seeing the small changes you make as they add up to big results!

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"Working with Michelle in these sessions is brilliant, as it makes you approach your business in a new way, and opens up the possibilities and opportunities by being able to bounce your ideas around with everyone there, not just Michelle. The open, sharing and fun environment makes it a positive experience no matter whether you are just starting out, or have been to lots of her sessions!"

- Marianne Tansley
OBM and Trainer

Reaching your financial goals doesn't have to be daunting.

Join me for this live workshop, and we'll create your personal roadmap together. You'll be re-inspired to reach those goals.

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