Embracing the Tides - Replay

The class for solopreneurs and freelancers who have lost momentum in their business - despite all the effort you're putting in.

If you want to feel more calm, in control, and realigned with your business growth (without burning out) then watch the replay below.

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This free class was sponsored by my premium business membership, The Espresso Lounge. It's a place for women who run a home-based business to come for:

  • regular live training
  • self-paced short-courses
  • mentoring
  • accountability
  • friendship

If you enjoyed today's class, then you'll love the membership.

Come on in, we'll love to have you!

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Close up of woman (Michelle Marks) holding a purple notebook and smiling

About the trainer

Michelle Marks is a chocoholic, stationery obsessed Business Coach from the seaside town of Mandurah, WA.

She specialises in working with solopreneurs (with a focus on virtual service providers) helping them to gain more fulfilment, flexibility and financial stability in their business.