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Do you only work with VAs?

Well, yes and no. My specialty is helping self-employed women providing business-to-business (B2B) support services. That includes:

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Online Business Managers
  • Graphic and Web Designers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Copywriters and Editors
  • Bookkeepers, etc.

It is often a personal choice whether women in these business identify as being a VA, freelancer, solopreneur or something else.

Much of what I do is help these women to specialise their services. This means that they come to me as VAs, but my coaching and training helps their business evolve into a more specialised service. A creative VA may become a Graphic or Web Designer, for example. A marketing VA may become a Marketing Consultant. 

If you're not sure, send me an email and we can have a chat.

How do I join your membership?

Easy! Head over to the Memberships page and click "Become a member". That will take you to a form and payment section. Once that is complete, you're in baby!

I'm not sure if I'm ready for coaching

I'll never rush you. That's not my way. If you ever want to talk it out and see what options you have (without the sales pitch) then feel free to book a 15 min chat with me. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I offer instalment options on my coaching sessions and packages. If you'd like me to set that up for you, send me an email to get started, or book through the coaching page.