Business Coaching & Strategy Sessions

Caryn and Michelle

What are Business Coaching Sessions?

A coaching session allows us to deep dive into your business and mindset. I help you identify what your ideal future looks like, and what changes need to be made in order to get you there.

We also look into what's challenging you right now, to help you solve a problem or release limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that are holding you back.

Together, we work through your ideas, and challenges, set motivating goals and break them down into a plan of action. 

What are Strategy Sessions?

strategy session is an outcome-focused session where we get-stuff-done. It's a business planning session where we have a clear objective in mind, and I provide the tools, knowledge, time and space to help you reach that objective. 

The objectives can include things like:

  • defining a strategy for the business (a marketing or social media strategy, for example).
  • identifying areas of improvement in your business (for example, streamlining your processes).
  • making decisions in the business (for example, on pricing and packaging services).

When strategy and coaching combines...

They say business is 20% strategy and 80% mindset. Often my sessions become a combination of both strategy and coaching sessions. Why? Because when we're working on your business strategy, limiting beliefs and self doubt will usually creep in.

It's my job to help you establish your strategy, as well as guide you in overcoming the limiting beliefs that hold you back from implementing those strategies or achieving your goals.

What to expect

Our sessions are held virtually in Zoom (video conferencing app). We start by exploring what you're currently focusing on, or what's challenging you, and we'll begin working to a solution.

Following the session you'll receive some notes from our session including any goals or plans that we've created. I'll also check in with you 2 weeks after your session to see how things are progressing.

When you book your session using the links below, you'll be taken to a payment page where you can purchase your session. You'll receive an email shortly after which will provide you the link to schedule your session at a time that suits you. 

Michelle Marks Business Coach Testimonial

I recently had a session with Michelle and to say I was happy with the outcome is an understatement! Michelle helped me work through the process of niching my services and I walked away with so much clarity about the path forward. We even managed to prepare an extensive action plan which I am now working through. The report that she provided after the session is fabulous because I can go back and refer to it when I need to. Thanks so much Michelle, you made a daunting task super easy!

Marie, Empress of Order

Note: If you're a premium member of my membership or mastermind then your member's pricing will appear once you've entered your email address in the booking screen. If you're not a member, visit the memberships page for info.

Case study - Marianne's journey

It turns out that taking the leap to launch my own VA business was actually the easy part!

Understanding how to reach the people I wanted to help, and working out what makes me stand out from the crowd was so much harder! I knew what I was good at, and I knew that my skills were usable, but I felt like I had to be all the things to all the people in order to make it work.

I was fortunate that I had been discussing my leap into my own business with my existing network for some time, and when I first started out I had great support and projects to work on, so I was able to get up and running.

It was once I started getting into the swing of things that I realised, I wasn’t doing what I wanted, I was doing what was coming my way. Working through the workshops in the Espresso Lounge helped me clarify my why, and how I can achieve that on my own terms. I learned how niching wasn’t excluding work, it was making me more attractive to the clients and work I want to do.

The 1-1 coaching sessions have allowed me to voice some deep-seated fears about my own value, and to work through them in a safe space, so that I can learn from them, and use what I discover to move towards my business vision.

Over the last 9 months, I’ve worked through some major personal and business blocks that were stopping me from being able to truly step into my business. Fear of success, a history of being ‘behind the scenes’, and a genuine belief that people wouldn’t be interested in paying for my knowledge have all been unpacked, piece by piece. In our regular strategy sessions, we are now in a space where we can really drill down into actionable ‘homework tasks’ that keep me accountable, and are always tied back to my vision and mission.

In this time, we have managed to:

  • Define my vision and mission in a way that I can use it easily in conversation
  • Set a primary goal for the business, with actionable ‘chunks’ for each month
  • Identified key targets for different elements of my business that will all lead to the primary goal
  • Reviewed and reflected, tracked and analysed all elements of the business – finances, services, communications, opportunities
  • Identified opportunities both inside and outside my comfort zone, and checked in against these as each action item progresses
  • Celebrated wins, and shared so many GIFs!

I look forward to our sessions, and being able to track and monitor my progress. I am proud to say I’m reaching milestones that a year ago would have seemed impossible.

The biggest change for me has been seeing the potential in myself and my business. I now see myself actively carving out a space that allows me to be the specialist I am, in a way that is natural and authentic to me. I don’t feel guilty about not doing all the things, or working with everyone who approaches me. My confidence in knowing my value is becoming a more innate and natural feeling. I am clear in my vision for the business, and able to dream bigger because I believe in what I am doing.

I have no doubt at all that none of this would have been possible without Michelle’s workshops, training and coaching.

Marianne Tansley - Thrive Admin Services


Hi, I'm Michelle!

I'm your Business Coach, your confidante, your cheer squad, your accountability buddy, and the mentor who has walked the path before you to make your journey a lot smoother.

I love working with B2B services, like Virtual Assistants, Graphic Designers and Social Media Managers, because I spent so much of my entrepreneurial life as one. I've been running a business for over 15 years.

After a few freelance gigs in my late teen years, I started a business as a Graphic Designer when I was 21. I had been running that on the side until I had my kids. Then I went full-time as a creative VA and grew my business to be fully-booked with amazing clients who I adored.

But then 2 years ago I transitioned from being a Virtual Assistant, to now coaching them! I dedicate my skills to helping VAs, OBMs, designers, writers and consultants become fully-booked full-time businesses with amazing clients they adore. It's beautiful symmetry.