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If you have stacks of ideas for your business, but never enough time to implement them, you’re not alone. 

In fact, you might be surprised to learn this is a common problem for many of us.

Running a business we love is exciting and often we have oodles of ideas for growth. And these ideas often strike at the strangest times. Like when we’re in the shower, walking the dog or driving the kids to school. That’s because when we’re relaxed or doing something we enjoy, our increased dopamine levels allow for greater creativity and all those brilliant ideas start to flow!

It’s amazing to have an abundance of ideas for your business, but it can also lead to feelings of overwhelm. You might find yourself lying awake at night wondering which ideas to pursue and where you’ll ever find the time to implement them.

That’s when it can feel like having too many ideas is a curse! 

Think of your ideas as a gift

Sometimes when we have more tasks to do than available time to achieve them, we can become paralysed. It’s a form of paralysis that stops us from making progress on any of our ideas, let alone all of them. 

Or we’ll start procrastinating. Think about that time you had an enormous To Do list, but instead of tackling it, you cleaned your desk instead. (I like to call this procrasti-cleaning).

Having lots of ideas certainly isn’t a curse. It’s a gift. A superpower. But, like any superpower, it’s only a blessing if used well. So how can we embrace and implement our ideas without being paralysed by overwhelm and procrastination?

By establishing a good system.

Ideas are possibilities. But remember, just because you have an idea, doesn’t mean you have to act on it. Simply start by capturing them and then you can decide later whether they’re keepers! Maybe that fantastic idea isn’t right for your business now, but 12 months down the track it might be.

That’s why it’s essential to develop a system to keep track of ideas.

How to capture your ideas

Are you a pen and paper sort of girl? Or are you digital all the way? It doesn’t matter how you choose to store and organise your ideas, as long as they’re all in one place and easy to access. Please don’t jot your amazing brain waves down on random scraps of paper!

Get yourself a pretty notebook or an app on your phone and make a note of them as they come to you. Don’t try to remember them. Getting them out of your head is a great way to free up mental space and you won’t risk forgetting them.

Prioritising your ideas

Don’t expect to implement every idea you record. Some you might pursue now, while others will be a project for later. And some ideas, even great ones, will be destined for the bin. 

Have you heard of ‘shiny object syndrome’? It often affects entrepreneurs, causing us to get distracted by a new idea and jump from one thing to another, rather than staying focused on what we’re doing. It’s what can happen if you try to implement all your ideas.

Instead, use the following factors to help you decide which ideas to pursue:

  • your current capacity and resources available to work on the ideas
  • relevance to your business growth
  • the progress it will help you make toward your bigger picture

It can be easy to underestimate how much time an effort implementing a new idea will take. Be realistic about what you can get done. Understanding your own capacity is key to not taking on too much and avoiding those feelings of overwhelm. 

Be selective with your ideas

When you’re running a business it’s always essential to look at the bigger picture. You will never have the time or resources to do all the things at once. So, be intentional. Pause and think about where you want to be in 6 months, 12 months, or even 5 years. Will pursuing this idea get you there?

When you start looking at the big picture, you’ll be more selective about the ideas you pursue. You’ll act intentionally and not let yourself be distracted by the next ‘shiny object’.

Your ideas become achievements

Developing a system for managing and prioritising your ideas is a powerful step in turning your ideas into achievements. It allows you to harness your idea generation superpowers, rather than feeling as though they’re a burden.

Anything you achieve goes through a process. You start with an idea and you decide whether or not to pursue it. If you think the idea is a winner, you’ll set a goal (even if it’s in your mind) and create a plan of action. When your ideas go through this process and you take action, they become accomplishments.

If you need help managing your ideas or thinking about the bigger picture in your business, get in touch with me. There’s a few ways I can help you focus and implement your ideas and goals so you can build momentum in your business.

About Michelle

Michelle is a chocoholic, stationery obsessed Business Coach from the seaside town of Mandurah, WA. She specialises in working with Virtual Assistants and B2B service providers, helping them to grow a business that fulfills them, without feeling the overwhelm and angst that comes with running your own show.

Michelle Marks Business Coach

About the author

Michelle is a chocoholic, stationery obsessed Business Coach from the seaside town of Mandurah, WA. She specialises in working with Virtual Assistants and B2B service providers, helping them to grow a fulfilling, sustainable and profitable home-based business.


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