How can a business coach help you grow your business

What does a business coach do?

A business coach is a highly skilled entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping other business owners achieve their goals and run a successful business. But there's a lot more to it than that. Read on to find out what business coaches actually do, and how they can help a business owner flourish.

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Blog - Gaining clients without content marketing

Gaining Clients Without Content Marketing

Show up, write a blog, create a reel, star in a podcast - that's the kind of thing we're encouraged to do to build our following and connect with potential clients. But what if creating content isn't for you? How can you gain more clients and build your business without it? Read on, because I'm going to share plenty of other ideas for your marketing strategy.

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Blog - Heres what holds you back from positive changes

What holds you back from positive change

One the one hand you're excited about your ideas and goals, but on the other, you're avoiding. Why? In this blog I'll share what's holding you back, how to recognise it, and how to release it.

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Mistakes Ive Made in Business

Mistakes I've Made in Business

Yep, there's been a few mistakes made and lessons learned throughout my entrepreneurial life. In this article I'm sharing some of the biggest lessons learned, and what you can do to avoid making those mistakes too.

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Solopreneur Growth Cycle

The Solopreneur's Growth Cycle

Has growth stalled in your business? If you feel like you're on the treadmill of doing all the things, but not getting anywhere, then read this article. You'll learn which phase of the growth cycle you're in, and what you can focus on to propel your growth (and no, I'm not going to tell you to do even more things, I promise!)

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6 apps I use inside my coaching business

6 apps I use inside my coaching business

As a Business Coach for Virtual Assistants, I use apps and software every single day to manage my business and streamline my processes. In this article I share 6 apps that I can't live without for running my business.

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Text overlay that reads "When should I increase my prices?"

When should I increase my prices? (Service business)

If you’ve been running your service-based business for some time then you might be wondering if, and when, you should raise your prices. In this blog, I’m going to share some key indicators that it’s time for you to raise your prices. From there you can make sound decisions on the right time to raise your prices.

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Text overlay that reads, "Attracting clients who share your values."

Attracting clients who share your values

If you've been working with clients who don't feel like a great fit or who you can't be yourself around, then you might be thinking, "is this it?". It doesn't have to be. You can LOVE the clients you work with by intentionally attracting ones who are a better fit. In this article, I share some core strategies to help you become a magnet for your ideal clients.

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Cover - 4 ways to grow your va business

5 ways to grow your VA business

If you've been running your Virtual Assistant business for a little while, then you've had time to figure out what's working and what's not. Now you're ready for the next level. But how can you grow? In this article I share some effective ways to grow or scale your business.

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