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Hi, I'm Michelle!

I'm a Business Coach supporting women with established online service businesses (think freelancers, admin, creative, financial, tech).

As your coach, I’m here to guide your strategies, and provide the mindset and emotional support you need when refining, specialising, and scaling your services.

I help you gain more fulfilment, flexibility and financial stability in your business, without compromising on your values or burning you out.

We work together on things like:

  • Gaining more clarity and confidence in your strategies
  • Attracting clients who value and appreciate you

  • Specialise your offerings and become a premium service

  • Increase your profits so you're more financially stable

  • Overcome mindset blocks that are preventing your growth

And you know what? We're going to do that while creating warm and supportive friendships along the way (because we all need great business buddies behind us!)

I know you love what you do, and I'd love to help you build a business that fulfills you in every way.

So let's work together and get you that business and life you dream of! Get in touch with me to get started 

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